Are Dogs Really Man's Best Friend?

Some people may argue that dogs are not a man's best friend. They may talk about dog attacks, certain breeds, or that they only "love" us because we give them food. I am here to counter these arguments and show why dogs are our true companions. Certain breeds of dogs are seen as vicious or as fighting dogs, but time has shown that people have bred them this way. Dogs have been bred for certain tasks in a humans life like hunting, personal safety, or show. The dogs themselves did not have a choice on why they were raised the way they were, or how they were taught growing up. For example, a security dog may be raised to attack when told, when a threat is felt, or if their owner is in danger. This action is not an instinct, but it was a learned habit. Same goes for dog attacks, except they may not be exactly trained to do so. When dogs are being raised they also need to be rewarded for good behavior and reprimanded for bad. If a dog is not put in its place from the start

Why I Think Relationships Are Pointless

To me, being single makes me feel a lot more appreciated and happier. Not once have I been in a relationship where it is fifty-fifty, and I feel like I can fully trust the person I'm with. Time and time again I have been stabbed in the back and lied to about the smallest things, but it still hurts. I have been used by many guys for bets and just for a body count, and none of these times I understood what was happening until it was too late. Boys have lied to me about where they are even when I have proof about their whereabouts and about other girls they have lined up for when they are through with me. Boys have a certain way of making me feel depreciated throughout my day. If I clean up around the house, do dishes, laundry, or try to come home early to see them I don't get any sort of thank you or recognition. When I try to ask for help if I am busy, then they make a big deal about it and ask why I can't. I am still in school and busy with homework so I don't have

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

Summer is a time where everyone packs up and leaves their home. Whether it be for a week, couple of week, or a whole month. There are several vacation spots that are easy to find, but where are the cheap ones at? There is a favorite vacation spot I like to hit whenever summer rolls around and I would like to share it with you. One of my top vacation spots is Atlanta, Georgia. The big city of Atlanta has several things to do and see, and there are also several things in the cities and towns surrounding it. Some of the stuff to do right inside Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium,  Zoo Atlanta, World of Coca-Cola, and the CNN Center. The Georgia Aquarium is located near the Central Olympic Park, near the Coca-Cola museum and CNN. It has a total of ten thousand gallons of water for fish, and they house more than a hundred thousand animals. They host activities like swimming with whale sharks and interactions with penguins, dolphins, or sea otters. There is an aquanaut adventure where visit

When Can Life Become Too Much?

Staying busy is a part of life. Some people have school, work, cleaning to do at home, errands to run, and find no time for themselves. As a college student I find it extremely difficult to sit down and find time to watch television,  read, game, or to just close my eyes. I am stuck doing countless hours of homework, cleaning the house, and working three days a week. Staying busy may keep us from getting bored, but how can constantly engaging in tasks negatively affect us?  Always having a thought on your mind about something you need to do, or constantly thinking for homework teachers throw at you can make you feel frazzled. Another way to put it is that you start to not think clearly and you may feel heavy-headed or tired. This is because your mind is pushing itself to keep working even when it needs a break and if you are feeling stressed it adds to the strain your brain may feel. It is very important to take a break from all of the work you are doing and relax. If you take a brea

Crazy for Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is a must-have for every household. It has many great uses in cooking, but I'm not here to talk about food. I want to discuss the various ways that coconut oil is good for bodily use. This includes hair, teeth, and skin.   When using coconut oil on your hair, you want to melt it down between the palms of your hands, then run it through your hair. I always make sure to massage my scalp and coat the ends. To avoid getting coconut oil on anything, you can put your hair up in a bun. This also makes sure that the oils are staying locked into your hair strands. You can leave the coconut oil in your hair for half an hour, and hour or more, or you can sleep with it in overnight (use a towel to sleep on if you do). The benefits of coconut oil for the hair are huge! Coconut oil promotes hair growth, a healthy scalp, adds softness and shine, and prevents hair breakage and split ends. Why the benefits? Because coconut oil has fatty acids that benefit your hair! Another wa

The Life of a College Student : The Pros and Cons

Everyone imagines a college student as someone who goes out and parties every night, stays up late to finish homework, and as someone who procrastinates every chance they get. I am here to tell you that these stereotypical views are not true. Coming from a current college student, I spend more than my fair share of time studying and working, with little time to myself. My schedule looks something like this : Sunday - sorority meeting at 7pm  Monday - classes 8am  to 2pm / Community service club meeting 7pm Tuesday - classes 8am to 4pm Wednesday - classes 8am to 2pm Thursday - work 6am to 6pm Friday - classes 8am to 2pm Saturday - work 6am-6pm Not to mention time thrown in for homework, club activities, sorority activities, and working out.  It is extremely hard for me as a college student to make money to pay for gas and tuition, all while finding time to get my work done efficiently. It is also difficult to find time to spend with my friends and go out to eat or enj

My sports Injury: How It Happened and How I Got Through It

Over a year ago, I dislocated my ribs during soccer practice while fighting a girl for the ball. I tripped over her after she had fallen and landed on one of her cleats which pushed my ribs upward, and out of place. Not knowing that I was hurt, I continued to practice for two days, wondering each day why I was out of breath after a simple jog and why my right side was constantly hurting. After evaluation from the college trainers, I found out that my ribs had been out of place. Not knowing anything about my injury or how to properly handle it, I let the trainers pop my ribs back in and went right back to my dorm room. Little did I know that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed, bend over, dress myself, or barely have range of motion when twisting to my right side for about three weeks. The right side of my torso, where my ribs were, was tender, swollen, and I couldn't move without any sharp pain going through my back. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know who to g